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What is Lineage 2 Naia Adena?

Naia Adena is the money of L2 worlds. It’s a universally used in-game currency in Lineage II. You can use it to buy stuff from NPC stores and from other players. Buying Adena at L2Store will allow you to quickly fill up your inventory with desired items, without having to spend weeks grinding for them.

Items in Lineage 2 are grouped into grades. Items from higher grades are stronger, but they require a certain level to use them without penalties. No grade is available for everybody, D grade calls for level 20 or above, hitting level 40 is essential to use C grade, 52 for B grade and 61 for A grade. Higher grades have their own tiers, with some of the S grade items being available from level 76 and some from 80 and the most powerful one, R grade is divided into 85, 95 and 99.

It is very difficult to afford to wear optimal equipment at all times unless you buy some Naia Adena online and use it to get the items you want. It’s even better since the Luxury Shops offers even the A grade items for Adena only. It’s a very convenient way of getting strong weapons, armor, and jewelry.

Buy Adena on the Naia server

Get yourself an Naia Adena boost to get your Lineage 2 economy going. It’ll make getting to late game easier, faster and more enjoyable. The ability to acquire strong equipment from the get-go will accelerate your farming, give you some extra PvP power and allow you to quickly join a strong clan. Then you will be able to enjoy the most epic aspects of Lineage 2, such as slaying formidable raid bosses and taking part in sieges.

How to use L2Store services?

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Buy Adena at L2Store to improve your Lineage 2 gaming experience.

Other ways of getting items in Lineage 2

Another way of getting your equipment in Lineage II is crafting, but it’s pretty complicated and demands a lot of resources, what might seem overwhelming to some players, especially at the beginning.

To craft an item you will need a recipe and the required materials. You will most likely have to loot them from monsters, but it will take some grinding to do. It’s worth mentioning that not all the recipes have a 100% rate, which means there’s a risk of losing the components and not getting the desired item.

It’s important to note that dwarves are the characters that are the most focused on the economy. They might not be the greatest fighters, but their out of combat utility is unmatched. A blacksmith can craft the items using recipes and Bounty Hunter can get extra loot while killing monsters. Frankly, if you want to be efficient with crafting items, you need them both.

That means having to develop two extra characters, that, to be honest, aren’t even that fun to play. Of course, being a part of the clan or playing with a group of friends helps a lot with that, but it might be difficult to get into a good clan as a new player and not everybody has friends who like to spend their free time grinding in MMORPGs.

About Lineage 2

Lineage 2 is one of the longest living titles in the MMORPG scene. Since its release in 2003, it managed to build a substantial and devoted community of players. The main stand out points that attract them to this particular massive multiplayer role-playing-game are some of the most old school vibes associated with MMORPGs.

Players can experience never-ending grind to get enough levels and items under your belt, as well as totally epic late game full of challenging raids and monumental castle sieges, where whole alliances face each other.

Lineage 2 – one of the leading MMORPGs

Lineage 2 is set in a medieval fantasy world where the newly formed kingdom of Aden and kingdoms of Elmore and Gracia are waging war against each other. Players can choose from the seven playable races (Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Kamael and Ertheia) and over 30 classes to find the playstyle that suits them the most.

Each class has its own identity as well as the advantages and disadvantages. For instance, an Elven Spellsinger who uses primarily water magic can struggle against the monsters that are resistant to water damage.

After all those years of continuous growth and numerous updates, the game still competes with some of the newer titles like Final Fantasy XIV, Path of Exile and Elder Scrolls Online. The developers are adding new items, races, classes, and much more content to keep the game interesting for even the most demanding players.

The Naia server was brought to life in 2010 when NCWest decided to merge multiple European servers. It has players all over the world, but the biggest concentration is from Europe. The server time zone is GMT+1, which is well suited for people living on the old continent.