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Why do you need Lineage 2 Chronos Adena?

Chronos Adena is the currency used in Lineage 2 to buy items from NPC shops as well as from other players. In the current version of the game, you can buy really strong weapons armor and jewelry in the luxury shops with Adena only. If you purchase some of this in-game currency you will accelerate yourself greatly.

In Lineage II players have to face the time-consuming grind associated with the old school MMORPGs. Granted, it’s not as bad as it used to be (there’s Lineage 2 Classic for that), but it’s still present in the game. It takes a lot of time and effort to get your character to a high level and even more to finally gear up.

Buying Chronos Adena will help you get to those powerful items faster, which will make your character stronger. With more potent inventory, you can farm in the higher level locations and kill monsters faster. That, in turn, increases your experience and Adena gains.

Purchase L2 Chronos Adena

Buy Chronos Adena at L2Store and make other players do the hard work for you. Equip your characters with the most powerful items quickly and effortlessly. Having the best possible weapons and armor at every point of the game will grant you more experience, more Adena and more overall fun. The item advantage also gives you an upper hand in PvP, this might turn out pretty important because in Lineage 2 you sometimes have to defend your own right to farm in certain areas.

With some extra Chronos Adena, you can make sure, that you will never run out of consumables that are so important in this game. Farming efficiently without potions or soulshots or spiritshots is often impossible.

A little boost of money will allow you to rush through somewhat boring early game straight to the mid and late game, where the real fun begins. The grind can sometimes be rewarding and satisfying, especially when you finally get that weapon you worked for, but it’s not even close to going with your clan for a siege and conquering a castle.

At the same time, don’t worry. You won’t miss out on all the grind, just the most boring early part. After all, it’s Lineage 2. There’s plenty of monsters to kill and items to craft. You will still be able to get a taste of this part of the game, it just won’t be that overwhelming. Farming materials, Adena and experience is a nice breather between going on amazing raids and joining some of the huge scale PvP action.

Grinding is a core element of Lineage 2, it may just get pretty frustrating when for a long time it’s the only thing you do in the game. L2Store can help you to skip some of that and make your Lineage II gameplay more entertaining.

How to get Adena at L2Store?

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Buy Adena at L2Store to improve your Lineage 2 gaming experience.


Lineage 2 crafting

The items that belong to A grade category and the lower ones can be bought in NPC stores for Adena. Another way of getting a strong weapon would be crafting. The crafting system in Lineage 2 is quite elaborate. The only characters that can craft useful items are Dwarves who pick Blacksmith as their class. That means that a player has to either level up his own extra character to craft items, pay other players to use their crafting services or join a clan that has its designated craftsman character.

Then you need a recipe. You can easily find the information about what type of monster drops it and what is the percentage chance of getting it (spoiler, it’s usually not very high). It’s a good time to note, that not every recipe has a 100% success rate, so there might be some situations when you lose your materials and still not get the item you wanted.

When you have the recipe, it’s time to gather the required materials. There’s another class limited to dwarves only that will be useful here – the Bounty Hunter. This character’s abilities give them access to extra loot when killing monsters. It happens to be extra useful when you’re collecting the materials you need for crafting. So if you want to do everything by yourself you kind of have to create and level up two extra characters and let me tell you, leveling up in Lineage 2 isn’t that fast. If there only was an easier way, right?

Complicated items system in Lineage 2

Understanding all of the complexities surrounding items in Lineage 2 might be quite a challenge for a new player. Equipment is divided into three major categories. Weapons that increase your damage, armor that allows you to survive longer against physical damage and jewelry that grants you magic resist.

Those categories are then split into types. Heavy armor allows the wearer to tank the most damage, light armor grants more movement speed and the chance to dodge incoming attacks and magic armor can increase the spell damage and mana pool. Meanwhile, there are 14 types of weapons such as daggers, bows, two-handed AoE polearms and many more.

Moreover, all pieces of equipment are assigned to grades. Grades are tiers of items that come down to level requirements to wear them without penalties. No grade items are available to everybody. D grade if for level 20 or higher, you need to hit level 40 to access C grade, B grade is unlocked at 52 and A grade at 61. As the new Chronicles were released, some of the new grades were added to the game, such as S grade available from level 76, S80 from level 80, as well as R grade that requires level 85, then R95 and R99.

About Lineage 2

Lineage 2 is one of the titans of a massively multiplayer role-playing-games scene. Developed by NCSoft and E&G Studios it had a great impact on establishing the MMORPG genre. The game created a committed community of players, who enjoy the classic approach to various aspects of gaming.

Chronos is the server dedicated to the American players. It was created in October 2010, when NCWest decided to merge together multiple North American servers. It’s home to the many of Lineage 2 veterans as well as new players who have been continuously joining throughout the years.

Lineage 2, one of the MMORPG legends

The game is set in a fantasy world full of knights and mages. Players can pick from seven playable races: the heroic Human, noble Elf, exiled Dark Elf, barbaric Orc, industrious Dwarf, mysterious Kamael or the ingenious Ertheia.

There are over 30 classes, but their choice is limited by the characters race. For instance, Humans, Elves and Dark Elves have their DPS mages, but the Human Sorcerer mostly uses the fire magic, the Elven Spellsinger predominantly casts the water spells and Dark Elven Spellhowler uses the power of the wind. They also differ in their respective mana pools, spell damage and the casting speed.

Developers are constantly updating the game and adding new content in the form of Chronicles. They keep adding new elements to the story and in-game features. Moreover, they introduce new areas, quests, items, and skills. Furthermore, some of them add new grades of items and increase the maximum level that characters can achieve.

These non-stop changes will satisfy even the more exacting players. They also allow the game to keep competing with some of the newer titles, such as Path of Exile, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Albion Online and Guild Wars 2, as well as with the fellow classic titles like World of Warcraft, Runescape and Eve Online.