Lineage 2

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Why do you need Essence Adena?

Essence Adena is the main in-game currency. It’s the money that you can use to buy stuff from NPCs as well as from other players. Getting your economy up and running is difficult even in the live version and it’s much harder in L2 classic.

The game has a unique approach to items. They are divided into different tiers that are called grades. “No grade” equipment is available for every character from level 1. D grade can be used from level 20 onward. C grade requires level 40 and to equip B grade items you will need to hit level 52. There’s also A-grade items in Lineage 2 classic servers, but they are very difficult to acquire. Also, you will need to be level 61 to use them and getting it will take a very long time.

Weapons and armors are also divided into types. Tanks and most warriors use the heavy armor that has the most defensive stats. Rogues and archers use light armor which grants them extra movement speed and evasion. Mages use the magic armor – robes that improve their damage and mana pool but don’t have a lot of defensive stats. There are also different kinds of weapons, ranging from daggers to two-handed swords. To protect themselves from magic damage, the characters have to wear jewelry.

Buy Lineage 2 Essence Adena server

Buying Lineage 2 Essence Adena is a great way for new players to accelerate themselves during the difficult early game. It will make it possible to quickly get some stronger weapons and armor. Similarly to many other old school MMORPGs, Lineage 2 Classic requires the players to put in a lot of time and effort. The grind is real, but it’s definitely worth it.

When you finally get a strong clan and get to the late game, the real fun begins. Embark on the coordinated raids with your clan to fight and defeat some of the most tremendous bosses in the game. The raid will take some time, but the satisfaction, as well as the loot, are some of the greatest game has to offer. Gear up and take part in sieges, where whole alliances face each other to conquer castles and make them their temporary headquarters.

You can get to this part of the game faster, by buying Essence Adena at L2Store. Getting a full C grade set, right when you hit the level 40 is a luxury that you’ll be able to afford. Stronger equipment means more damage and more durability, which will allow you to farm faster and in the more difficult locations. It’ll improve your experience, SP and Adena gains. Moreover, getting an upper hand in items also increases your chances in PvP. After all we’re talking about Lineage 2, sometimes you will have to fight for a possibility of farming in the location of your choice.

How to buy Essence Adena at L2Store?

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The complex grind of Lineage 2 Classic

Another interesting element of Lineage 2 design is the class system that also has tiers. During the character creation, the only gameplay-related decisions the players make is choosing their characters race and whether they’ll be fighters or mages (except for dwarves, no magic available for them).

After hitting level 20 the players can choose their first class transfer quests, which allows their characters to get more specialized professions and better skills. Then after completing three second class transfer quests and hitting level 40, you can get your second class and finally become the character you wanted to play.

Leveling your abilities also has an extra aspect to it. You don’t get access to stronger skills just by grinding experience and getting your class transfers. You also have to collect and spend Skill Points (SP) to level up your skills. Luckily you get skill points the same way you get experience, by killing monsters, but at the same time, it means that you have another limited resource that you have to manage. Make sure you’re only investing in those skills that you’re going to need.

Lineage 2 has a very complex crafting system with lots of different materials. Moreover, to craft an item you will need a recipe and they often have very low drop ratio and you can get them only by killing certain monsters. When you already collected the recipe and all of the materials, then you need a blacksmith, which is a special character class, only available to dwarves.

If you don’t have this kind of character, you can either have your clan help you out, or you’re going to have to pay someone to craft the item for you. Furthermore, there’s another special class exclusive for dwarves – the bounty hunter. This profession has access to extra loot earned from killing monsters, this allows to get the precious materials and recipes faster.

As you can see, this crafting system encourages people to work together and form clans, but if you’re a new player it might be difficult to find a clan that will help you out. Understandably, you may not be too keen on leveling two extra dwarf characters either. In that case, buying some Adena would be a great option for you. Get your virtual currency at L2Store and make other players do the dirty work for you. Just use the Essence Adena to buy already crafted items from them.

About L2

Lineage II is an MMORPG developed by NCSoft and E&G Studios. The slow and progressive grinding, incredible raid boss fights and epic castle sieges that take hundreds of players made the game one of the leading titles in its genre. Lineage II Classic is a tip of the hat to some of the most veteran and hardcore MMORPG players.

The game returned to its roots, abandoning some of the features that made it more casual. Players will be challenged with the slow Adena and experience progression, less available equipment, stronger monsters and some more limitations known from the games early incarnation. In Lineage 2 you can relive the struggles and satisfaction associated with the old school MMORPGs.

Lineage 2 – one of the old school MMORPGs

Lineage 2 is set in a medieval fantasy world full of formidable monsters, wonderful magic, and noble heroes. The dark times have come, as the three kingdoms of Aden, Elmore and Gracia are growing more and more hostile towards each other. This means that there are even bigger dangers to be faced, as heroes will travel across the world. The game has rich lore with its own mythology and history.

Players can choose from 5 races and 31 classes to create their characters. The playable races are Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Orc and Dwarf. The classes that can be chosen are predefined by the characters race. Some of them are kind of similar and some are completely unique. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses as well as abilities and skills that define their role in a party. The level cap has been set at 70 and the third class has been removed. The goal was to bring back the hardcore gameplay that players remember from the old days.