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Lineage 2 - About Us

Our Website L2Store focuses on providing you the most reliable and trustworthy service, that excels in granting our clients with the possibility of buying in-game currency for real-life money at an affordable price. On free servers we offer 1 billion to 2 billion adena for purchase. The more free servers adena you choose to buy the better the value of your purchase.

There are thousands of clients that claimed our services to be very user-friendly and trustworthy. You can search for reviews about our site. While not many customers care enough to write reviews about our services, since the purchase and delivery is fast enough, that time spent on buying feels insignificant. It’s a quick in-and-out. But those who write a short review and rate the quality of service, claim it to be very solid and reliable.

And if something seems not clear about the purchase, and you have some questions, you can contact us through the form presented in our “Contact” tab. This way you will be able to send us an email with any questions you would like to ask. We also have a live-chat, that is the fastest way of contacting us, but it’s mainly used for delivery, after the money is transferred.

Adena - Payment Methods and Delivery

We use the all payments systems. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin and more.

At last, it’s time to contact our customer service through Livechat or Skype and we will set up the delivery to an in-game .

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Make Smart and Calculated Decisions

Getting to a certain level in video games, especially in MMORPGs is time-consuming. Not everyone can afford to sit through hours of mindless grind, or boring in-game activities jut to save money for that one piece of gear. And it can take weeks, sometimes months. We give you an opportunity to catch up with other players that do have time for that.

About L2Store

L2Store.Info provides players with access to free servers adena purchase for affordable prices. There are no fees or taxes on your purchase. We made sure that you will get the most Adena you can get for the price that you pay. Not only that, if someone makes a choice on purchasing more serious amounts of Adena, the ratio of adena/real-life money is getting more profitable for our clients.

Do not wait any longer to make smart and calculated decisions. If you’ve done your research you should be able to connect the dots, that our services are one of the best, if not the best in this business. And there’s a good reason why.

We know what all gamers need these days. We know that, because we are devoted gamers too. We don’t have to put ourselves next to you, because we are already on the same side. That’s how we can understand the market and our client needs in the best way possible. Put your trust in fellow gamers and make a smart decision of purchasing from the best site in the business. May the transactions we all make on this website be favorable for us all - gamers.

Farming Money by Yourself in Lineage 2 - Should You?

Getting to higher numbers of free servers adena that will let you slowly climb up the ladder of available content can consume a large amount of time. Like in any other MMO, most resources, except for the premium ones, can be acquired with in-game activities. Some seem exciting and worthy of your time, but most of them are tedious.

Look at this short guide:

10-day Adventure Quest - You take this quest from Tulesir NPC in the Town of Aden, you complete 2 tasks per day, one in a hunting zone, one in Kartia’s Labyrinth, with each quest crafted to match your current level and abilities. After completing quests, you get rewards from Day 1 to Day 9 in a form of Supply Items for Adventurer Box, and some extra rewards from Day 10 quest.

Kartia’s (group and solo) - talk to the Kartia researcher in Town of Aden, and finish your runs.

Fishing - do the fishing quests, spend some time afk fishing. Set up the fishing when you are at school, work, or when you’re sleeping at night. Get the fishes, turn them in for quests, sell everything you can’t turn in to fishing guide NPC and get some Adena that way.

Coin Gathering - do your in-game daily activities to get special coins. Fish, kill bosses, lay sieges with your guild, and this way you can collect some adena.

Buy Low, Sell High on the Auction House - look for special opportunities, people sometimes quick-sell their goods. Analyse the market, search for stuff that other people are willing to pay for, grind for these items and materials for hours and sell them on the market. Look for items that are way below their price, buy them, sell them for more. Easy money but you have to be patient.

Pay Attention to Events - special events bring special items or drops that are time-limited. In every MMORPG, events are that time of a year, where you can spend some time on getting the resources, that will net you some good money in a short time. Use events efficiently and you can get some good money that way.

Just Grinding - create a party or go solo. Pick up items and adena that enemies drop. Money gains are consistent and low, but when you get a rare drop, you will get that rush of dopamine, and some sweet Adena, after you manage to sell it.

These are only a few ways of making money in Lineage 2. Everything takes a huge amount of time, which you might not be able to afford. You have to spend hours upon hours to get at even 5 Mil Adena. It’s tedious, it’s boring, it’s inefficient. Is it really worth it?

There are 2 things that each player should know about MMORPGs. There are 2 ways to success, and you yourself have to find the balance between them. The first thing is Your Time. And the second thing is Your Money. You have to find that golden line between those 2 resources. The best way would be to maximize both. If you invest both time and money into the game, you will get the best results. And if you can’t afford that lifestyle, then you have to walk the thin line.

If you have no money to invest in the game, you will have to spend months and even years, trying to reach the endgame. If you don’t have time, you will have to spend some money to be able to compete or get to a higher level.

Using both resources at a maximum level is the most efficient way that will get you to great heights. So don’t wait, and purchase a good amount of Adena on our site. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and our ways of delivery are undetectable, to guarantee your account’s safety.

About Lineage 2

Lineage II is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed and published by South Korean NCSOFT. Released on 1st October 2003 in Korea, and on 27 April 2004 in NA, the game gained huge popularity, with over 14 million unique users playing the game. On November 30, 2011, Lineage 2 went for a free-to-play approach with the release of Lineage 2: Goddess of Destruction, offering premium purchases from a special shop.

While the official servers are going down in numbers each year, there are still lots of private servers that are alive and well, with thousands of active players.

Lineage 2 is a true old school Korean MMORPG. It means that character progression is heavily based on RNG, resources in a form of money, as well as consistent, timeless, and sometimes tedious grinding sessions. This is why Lineage II seems like a game for people that can commit several hours each day, just for gaming.

There is School, work, children, other responsibilities and social life. For people that don’t have much free time daily, it seems like an impossibility to play on the high level and experience every piece of content offered in Lineage 2. Do not fret, as with sites like this idea of an endgame is less like a dream, and more like an achievable goal, that everyone should be able to experience.

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